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Yasuhiro Ochiai

My culinary journey commenced during my teenage years at a char grill restaurant. Following that, I embarked on an adventure to London, where I refined my skills at renowned establishments such as NOBU and Umu. Working alongside talented chefs in London allowed me to learn numerous techniques and skills.


One of the most fortunate experiences was meeting Chef Masato Nishihara, a culinary virtuoso who earned Two Michelin stars Kaiseki Restaurant in three different cities - New York, London, and Nara, Japan. For seven years, I served as the Head Chef at his esteemed restaurant "Tsukumo" in Nara, Japan

Since its inception, and during this time, I found great inspiration in Chef Nishihara's culinary philosophy. His approach of cherishing history and tradition while fearlessly embracing innovation deeply impressed and influenced me

Taiji Maruyama 

With a rich culinary experience under his belt over 24 years, Taiji Maruyama embarked on his extraordinary gastronomic journey from a young age. Born into a lineage of chefs, Taiji, a third-generation culinary maestro, honed his skills in the art of sushi Kappo style under the guidance of his father, who owned a renowned sushi establishment in Japan. His culinary prowess further flourished through rigorous training at Ginza in Tokyo, a prestigious 3-Michelin-starred haven.

Venturing beyond the shores of Japan, Taiji assumed the role of Executive Chef at Nobu , marking a pivotal chapter in his career. A nine-year sojourn at NOBU refined his craft, setting the stage for a new frontier. Seizing the opportunity for fresh challenges, Taiji brought his culinary mastery to the grandeur of Beaverbrook, a 5-star luxury hotel nestled within a sprawling 400-acre estate in Leatherhead.

After three years of elevating the culinary experience at Beaverbrook, Taiji embarked on a new chapter as the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Maru, Taka Marylebone, and Hachi Bakery.


This trifecta of establishments bears the hallmark of Taiji Maruyama's culinary brilliance, promising a delectable fusion of tradition and innovation under his expert curation.


The Japanese spirit of ‘Omotenashi’

Omotenashi, which translates as to “wholeheartedly looking after your guest”, is more than a simple act of service and instead at MARU, can be seen as a way of life and a deep-rooted culture, with a focus on the spirit of harmony between guest and host. 


Omotenashi will be the overriding principle of MARU, present across all aspects of the restaurant; with Chef Maruyama overseeing all parts of the experience, from the menu and cooking, to the interior design and crockery, which he handmade himself, to even designing the flower arrangements.  The chefs will be behind the counter providing an intimate dining experience, serving all aspects of the meal to their guests, including the drinks, which will also be treated with the same attention to detail and philosophies as employed with the food.


This is the “OMOTENASHI” spirit by chef Yasuhiro Ochiai at MARU. 


Sushi Kaiseki ~Omakase ~

At Maru London, we embrace the beautiful tradition of Omakase, which translates to "I'll leave it up to the chef." This cherished Japanese practice involves entrusting our skilled chefs, Yasushiro Ochiai and Taiji Maruyama, to craft personalized meals that showcase the finest seasonal ingredients available. With a farm-to-table approach, our daily menus are thoughtfully influenced by what's at the peak of its flavor and locally sourced & gastronomy sustainable, in accordance with the Japanese philosophies of Shun and "Chisan Chisho."

Chef Ochiai wholeheartedly dedicates himself to weaving together the essence of his culinary journey, resulting in a delightful fusion of Sushi Omakase and kaiseki, presented in our signature Sushi kaiseki~Omakase~experience


Maru Team invites you to embark on a journey that embraces Japan's rich history and traditions, intricately woven into every aspect of our cuisine. With profound respect for seasonality, our dishes exude the essence of each season's fragrances, allowing you to savor a unique dining experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Together with Chef Taiji Maruyama, we take great pride in crafting extraordinary dishes exclusive to Maru London, providing you with an unforgettable culinary adventure




Sushi Kaiseki ~ OMAKASE ~ tasting menu only


£210 per person 


   Lunch (Only Saturday)


 Sushi Omakase 

£160 per person



Please note that MARU offers one Sushi Kaiseki ~Omakase~ menu, based largely on raw and cooked fish and shellfish, with most dishes also containing gluten. Due to this, we may not be able to accommodate your dietary needs. Please ensure that you are aware of all party member’s dietary requirements and contact us prior to making your reservation to confirm whether we are able to cater for you and your guests to prevent any unnecessary charges


We offer two Omakase sittings from Tuesday to Saturday,


All guests will be served at the same time,  with service beginning thirty minutes after the reservation time.  Any guests arriving after the doors close will not be seated. 

We offer two Sushi Kaiseki ~ Omakase ~ sittings

from Wednesday to Saturday 

Sushi Omakase only Saturday Lunch 


All guests will be served at the same time, with service beginning twenty minutes after the reservation time.  Any guests arriving after the doors close will not be seated.


First seating - 5:30pm

Doors will open from 5:25pm, last entry is 5.50pm


Second seating - 8:30pm

Doors will open from 8:25pm, last entry is 8:50pm


Lunch Only Saturday - 12:30

   Doors will open from 12:20pm, last entry is 12:45pm




Cancellation Policy 


We apologize for any inconvenience caused. In order to manage the impact of cancellations on our business, we have implemented a cancellation policy. Please note the following:

  • All cancellations will be subject to a £30 administration fee.

  • If you wish to reschedule your booking before the cancellation deadline, we are more than happy to accommodate your request. Please contact us at to discuss the options. We will do our best to find an alternative date or time that suits your needs, subject to availability.

  • Cancellations or changes in numbers made less than 5 days in advance will be subject to a charge of the full price of the Omakase menu per Person. However if a replacement booking has been found and agreed upon by both parties an additional £30.00 administration fee will be charged for rescheduling.

We understand that plans can change, and we strive to provide flexibility and excellent service to our customers. However, as a small restaurant, last-minute cancellations have a significant impact on our operations and our ability to accommodate other guests. We kindly request your understanding and cooperation in minimizing such occurrences.

Your support and patronage are greatly appreciated, and we are committed to providing you with an exceptional dining experience. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.



We operate a reservation-only policy. Our booking system opens 3 months in advance. 
For private events and restaurant takeovers, please contact 

VAT is included in the omakase menu and a discretionary 15% service charge will be added to the final bill.

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