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Taiji Maruyama

Born in Fukushima,  third-generation Sushi Chef  Taiji Maruyama started his career in Tokyo at restaurants including in Ginza 3* Michelin star restaurant before moving on to work in NOBU, following his having spent time at acclaimed restaurants in Barcelona and Norway. 


From his career as a chef, he has learnt not just practical skills, but also about the utmost importance of the personal relationship and respect between a chef and his suppliers with it being pivotal that they work together as a team to create the ‘omotenashi’ experience for guests at MARU. 


Named for Executive Chef Taiji Maruyama’s family name, MARU roughly translates to circle in Japanese, which succinctly describes the constantly evolving menus served by Chef Maruyama, which in themselves will represent MARU’s spirit and philosophy 


The Japanese spirit of ‘Omotenashi’

Omotenashi, which translates as to “wholeheartedly looking after your guest”, is more than a simple act of service and instead at MARU, can be seen as a way of life and a deep-rooted culture, with a focus on the spirit of harmony between guest and host. 


Omotenashi will be the overriding principle of MARU, present across all aspects of the restaurant; with Chef Maruyama overseeing all parts of the experience, from the menu and cooking, to the interior design and crockery, which he handmade himself, to even designing the flower arrangements.  The chefs will be behind the counter providing an intimate dining experience, serving all aspects of the meal to their guests, including the drinks, which will also be treated with the same attention to detail and philosophies as employed with the food.


This is the “OMOTENASHI” spirit by chef Taiji Maruyama at MARU. 



Omakase, meaning “I’ll leave it up to the chef”, is the Japanese tradition of trusting the chef to provide you with a tailor-made meal that showcases the best available ingredients. These are then prepared and cooked in a way that best honours the ingredient and through this, the guest is honoured.


Changing daily, the menus will be influenced by what Chef Maruyama decides to serve and by what ingredients are seasonally and locally available, in line with the farm-to-table approach of the restaurant. This is in adherence with the Japanese philosophies of Shun and Chisan Chisho; the beliefs that food should be eaten in its proper season when the flavours are at their peak, and that it is produced and consumed locally, to which Chef Maruyama and his team are devoted. 


As such, unusually for a Japanese restaurant in London, all ingredients wherever possible will be sourced, sustainably and seasonally, from within the British Isles. The Omakase menu at MARU will represent an innovative and take on traditional Japanese cuisine, combining British ingredients with classical Japanese training and techniques. 


At MARU, whilst omakase will be the focus on which the menu revolves and takes place, it is omotenashi which will ensure the addition of theatre and an elevated standard of cuisine and service, which is reflected within the personal relationships that Chef Maruyama has created with his suppliers. 



20 course “OMAKASE” tasting menu only


£210 per person 



Please note that MARU offers one “Omakase” menu, based largely on raw and cooked fish and shellfish, with most dishes also containing gluten. Due to this, we may not be able to accommodate your dietary needs. Please ensure that you are aware of all party member’s dietary requirements and contact us prior to making your reservation to confirm whether we are able to cater for you and your guests to prevent any unnecessary charges. 

We offer two Omakase sittings from Tuesday to Saturday,


All guests will be served at the same time,  with service beginning thirty minutes after the reservation time.  Any guests arriving after the doors close will not be seated. 

First seating - 5:30pm

Doors will open from 5:30pm, last entry is 5.55pm


Second seating - 8:30pm
Doors will open from 8:30pm, last entry is 8:55pm




We operate a reservation-only policy. Our booking system opens 3 months in advance. 
For private events and restaurant takeovers, please contact 

VAT is included in the omakase menu and a discretionary 15% service charge will be added to the final bill.

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